Honour Roll

      League Winners 2023-2024    
      Monday Night Open Flight
      1A  The first draw in this league is for seeding purposes only.     
         Winner    Runnerup
      Club Championship  Rob Dickson, Ryan Rowe, Scott Dickson, Aaron Sheil    Dave VanVlack, Bob St John, Gary Thompson, Mike Derry
      Draw Winner   Runnerup
      Tuesday Up&At'Em Mixed
      1  Max Bishop, Pam Jordan, Harvey Nikkel, Joan Marks    Paul Farrow, Jim Kennelly, Buff Chadwick, Alfie Petrocco
      2  Dennis Kerr, Trish Coyle, Glen McFadden, Anne Barber.     Bill Casselman, Pam Jordan, Marg Peters, Alfie Petrocco. 
      3  Dennis Kerr, Val Burgess, Glenn McFadden, Joelle Dickson     Chris Ramshaw, Pam Jordan, Mike Derry, Keith Mayers
      Draw Winner   Runnerup
      Tuesday Night Mixed
      1  Louise VanHeighten, Deb Kowalik, Cathy Howard, Chris Downey    Robert Hough, Jane Hough, Michele Broad, Bill Broad
      2  Nancy & Peter Wilkie, Patina Burns, Phil McEwen   Jay Brownlee, Linda Bongard, Sandy Smelser, James Lush
      Draw Winner   Runnerup
      Wednesday Night Ladies
      1  Rebecca Murphy, Cynthia Lindt, Sheryl Martin, Carolyn Pringle.    Sara Webber, Pam Jordan, Reese Hutcheson and Joanne Youmans.
      2  Sara Webber, Deb Kowalik, Jane Pearson, Pam Clair    Linda Bongard, Martha McCallum, Cindy Huyck, Joanne Youmans
      Draw Winner   Runnerup
      Wednesday Senior Mens
      1   Brian Chadwick, Bill McCormack, Phil McEwen, Keith Mayers    Chris Ramshaw, Murray Halliday, Dave VanVlack, Alfie Petrocco
      2   Bill Casselman, Jim Sunstrum, Mark Taylor, Alfie Petrocco    Chris Ramshaw, John Ryan, Keith Mayers, Dan McGrath
      Draw Winner   Runnerup
      Thursday Day Club - Ladies
      1  Susi Reinink,Mary-Jane Elvins, Sheila Pennell,  Sue Walden.     Deb Currier, Ingeborg Donald, Robin Stockfish, Erica Hengeveld.
      2  Kelly Roantree, Deb Kowalik, Robin Stockfish, Tammy Creighton    Carol Lavecque, Karen Mills, Sandy Kennelly, Penny McPherson
      Draw Winner   Runnerup
      Thursday Night Club - Men's
      1 Ian Munro, Bob St John, Dan MacDonald, James Lush    Wes Kerr, Steven Anderson, Eric DePoe and Pete Harrison 
      2  Ian Munro, Murray Robertson, Dan Fleury, Pete Harrison     Jim Stapley, Peter Wilkie, Ed Kurc , John Ashbourne 
      Draw Winner   Runnerup
      Friday Night Mixed
      1  Doug Pennell, Don Kerr, Brenda Kerr, Sheila Pennell    Don Currier, Kirk Donald, Ingeborg Donald, Deb Currier
      2   Doug Pennell, Don Kerr, Dan Fleury/Brenda Kerr, Sheila Pennell    Dave & Jordan VanVlack, Mike & Robin Stockfish

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    About the Club ...

    Napanee curling began in the 1890's on the Napanee River & continued outdoors into the 1920's. Women joined the sport with the formation of the present club, which first curled in the arena from 1957-1960 and in the present facility since 1961. The Napanee & District Curling Club is a not for profit, membership-owned club.